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Events and Programs


5 Tuesdays, Starting May 10th and Ending June 7th

Manette Senior Center/Playfield, 1125 Vandalia Ave, Bremerton, WA 98310

Games Will Be played as long as the rain forecast is below 70% for match time, as of 3PM.

High School Division

Team # Team Name
2 Practice Safe Sets
3 Pretty Little Hitters
4 Tens
5 The Beans


High School Schedule

WEEK 3 - May 24

HS Ct 1 Ct 2
5:00 1v4 R5 2v3 R5
5:40 3v1 R2 4v5 R2
6:20 5v3 R4 1v2 R4

WEEK 4 - May 31

HS Ct 1 Ct 2
5:00 2v5 R1 3v4 R1
5:40 4v2 R3 5v1 R3
6:20 3v1 R4 2v 5 R4

WEEK 5 - June 7 Playoffs



Team # Team Names
1 I'd Hit That
2 Flight Club
3 Dirty Diggers
4 The Cheeseballs
5 Kitsap Killaz
6 Cool Moms
7 Spicy Pandas
8 Wait, L.t.i.w. Kickball


Adult Schedule

May 24      
Adult 4s Ct 1 Ct 2 Ct 5
7:00 6v4(R1) 7v3 (R1)  
7:40 3v6 (R4) 1v5 (R7) 8v2 (R7)
8:20 4v5 (R6) 8v1 (R6) 2v7 (R3)
May 31      
Adult 4s Ct 1 Ct 2 Ct 3
7:00 3v4 (R8) 5v6 (R8)  
7:40 1v3 (R5) 4v2 (R5) 7v8 (R6)
8:20 5v8 (R3) 6v7 (R4) 1v2 (R4)

June 7 



Team # Team Name
1 Power Puffs

Bieber Fever

4 Small Potatoes



WEEK 3 - May 24

MS Ct3 C4
6:20 1v4 2v3
7:00 3v4 1v2

WEEK 4 - May 31

MS Ct 3 Ct 4
6:20 1v3 2v4
7:00 1v4 2v3

WEEK 5 - June 7 Playoffs




Teams should be made up of 4 players. Unlike indoor, postitional subs are not allowed. Subs are to be used for absence or injury only. 2 Players minimum needed to play.


Substitutes may join a team but must be registered prior the the match and within the appropriate age range.


No Substitutes may occur Mid-Set.


In the case of an injury, the team will play without the injured player until the end of the set, when a substitution can occur.

Ball Handling:

Standard Outdoor Ball Handling: No doubles on S/R, Hand sets or Free Balls. No open handed tipping, no "dump sets"


Players should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their match, assist with the net set up and begin warm up immediately.


At Match time a 5 minute warm up time will be provided for each team. Teams who were playing in the match prior will not recieve their warm up.


Team Rep will Spin & Catch the ball mid air to determing Serve or Side. The team with the valve stem pointing to them will choose to Serve, Recieve or choose a Side.


Teams should make sure they warm up serving within their 5 minute warm up time.


Players do not have to rotate court positions, just the servers. One player should be designated as "Back Row" at all times.


Players may change their "position" at any time, but the serving order should remain the same.


Setters may not open hand tip, dump or side set. All sets must be parralell to the setters direction, ie: straight forward or straight backward, come out quickly and clean


"Double Contacts" and "Lifts" are illegal and should be called by the referee team.


Adult Rev Coed should have no more than 2 men and will be played on a Women's Net. If there are more than 2 women, one should be designated as BR only.


Men must attack the ball behind the ten foot line, without stepping on the line.


If a male attacks the ball on or in front of the line, the ball must go clearly up before coming back down, ie: "in an arc"


Boys may play on a Beginner or MS Team, but boys older than 15 must play on a Adult Team

Side Switch:

Teams will switch every 7 points as is usual outdoors, ie: 3-4, 9-5, 12-9, etc...


1 Outdoor ball will be provided for each match and must be shagged between every point. Additional balls available at tournament desk.


Wilson Optx AVP, Spalding KOB, Molton Elite Beach are all acceptable.


The "Off" Team is expected to keep score and line judge.


Playing teams are expected to call the score loudly prior to serving, to act as the whistle.


Net faults are not allowed. Refs will help call doubles & lifts and will call a replay if there is any dispute.


A ball that touches our bounces a line in "In"