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May Grass League


May 11, 2021 (Week #2)

Game Start Time Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4
5 PM Pink Ladies vs. Block Busters (Ref: Power Puff Girls) Jumping Jacks vs. Charlie's Angels (Ref: Sugar & Spike)
5:45 PM Power Puff Girls vs. Block Busters (Ref: Pink Ladies) Sugar & Spike vs. Charlie's Angels (Ref: Jumping Jacks)
6:30 PM Pink Ladies vs. Power Puff Girls (Ref: Block Busters) Jumping Jacks v Sugar & Spike (Ref: Charlie's Angels) Chosen Ones vs. MTSK (Ref: Batman) Shortys vs. Gru's Girls (Ref: G.I.N. & J(uice))
7:15 PM 46Ace vs Nova (Ref: Shortys) Chosen Ones vs G.I.N. & J(uice) (Ref: Gru's Girls) Batman vs MTSK (Ref: Gru's Girls)
8 PM Shortys v Batman (Ref: MTSK) Nova vs. Gru's Girls (Ref: MTSK) 46Ace vs G.I.N. & J(uice) (Ref: Chosen Ones)

Middle School Division Team Details - May 11th, 2021, First Match @ 5 PM

1 MS Pink Ladies Ellie Arns, Racine Irvine, Iliana Brocket, Ellie Swan Play. Ref, Play
2 MS Jumping Jacks Emma Banzer, Hailey Langford, Jenny Edmonds, Palin Kotzin. Play. Ref, Play
3 MS Power Puff Girls Elliana Smith, Vanessa Cantu, Analiah Lauifi, Monalisa Pentusi Ref, Play, Play
4 MS Sugar & Spike Maleah Nicholson, Gabriella Moured, Emily Mackinnon, and Falani Taueli Ref, Play, Play
5 MS Block Busters Madison Fairchild, Mia Coombe, Falani Taueli, Sophia P Play. Play, Ref
6 MS Charlie's Angels Jordan & Sydney Lingenbrink, Maddy McGraw & Erin Arns Play, Play, Ref

High School Division Team Details - May 11th, 2021, First Match 6:30 PM

1 HS Batman Lauren de Gall, Allie Wildsmith, Mazzy Thornton, Izzy Prentice Ref. Play. Play
2 HS G.I.N. & J(uice) Grace Mosco, Izzy Kim, Nizhoni Price & Jenia Viles Ref, Play, Play
3 HS Gru's Girls Amber Amos, Kate Ryan, Ailish Watson, Camryn Lingenbrink Play. Ref, Play
4 HS Nova Lily Taylor, Courtney Dodge, Aimee DeGall, Ginger Jenson Off, Play, Play
5 HS 46Ace Allie Kelley, Elle Fultz, Serene Gonzalez, Preya Ritchie Off, Play, Play
6 HS Shortys Mia Conner, Cassidy Cortez, Ashley Barber, Kaiya Moore Play, Ref, Play
7 HS Chosen Ones Abigail Gesell, Catherine Meikle, Paikea Wooten, Kori Harshman Play, Play, Ref
8 HS MTSK Kalli wynn , Megan Johnson ,Teegan Skjonsby ,Sophia Call Play, Play, Ref


Rules & Information

Dates:   5 Weeks, Tuesdays, starting the week of May 3

Cost:     $200/team        

Times:   5-7:15   Middle School Matches

                   5:45-8:45           High School Matches

                   Shoes are with good tread are recommended.

                   Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your match time.      

                   Outdoor Balls will be provided by OPVBC                           

Location: Lions Park on the Bremerton Waterfront

Weather: Games will Be played as long as the rain forecast is below 70% for match time, as of 3PM.  If a game is missed, an additional day of games may be added

Format:  4 Weeks of Matches and one week of Playoffs             

                     2 Sets to 21, or 45 Min timed match. Cap at 21        

                      4v4, with no mid game subs. 

                       Teams may play with 2 or 3 if needed

Time:            Matches will be timed. 45 Min Matches included warm up time    If one match ends early, the next may start     If there is a tie at buzzer, the next point wins the set.         

Rules     Rules will be standard Indoor USAV        

Rotation: Players do not need to rotate position, but must rotate  servers.     Tipping and directional blocking is allowed        

Middle School Division is allowed 1 intentionally  dropped toss per serving rotation.

 Substitutions: No Mid-Game Subbing. If an injury occurs, you may  sub at the end of the set with a registered substitute of the same level.       

Warm-ups:        4 Minute per team for first match, includes serving  and/or hitting.  All "Peppering" should be done prior  to your court time.  Please use open courts for additional warm ups between sets.              

Reffing:   Teams will be assigned Reffing Duties as necessary       Minimum of 2 team members should be present.    Line judges are not necessary, but should stand to  line judge. If no line judge, then close calls may need to be replayed as necessary.       Refs are responsible for recording/reporting scores for every set.  

SAFETY: Per new CDC guidelines, masks need not be worn during play, but should be worn while on the sidelines when social distancing is not possible

Fans may not within 10 feet of the court and remain masked when not socially distanced. Please limit the number of spectators when possible.     

Athletes should wash hands and/or sanitize hands between sets.

Balls will be sanitized between Divisions