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March 24th - We are starting to process refunds today and through the week. A few questions we will try to answer now just so you don't have to worry:

1.) If you are enrolled in autopay -WE WILL CANCEL IT FOR YOU so don't stress.

2.) If you sent in a check for March dues but it has NOT been deposited, I will write VOID on it, take a photo of it, and then shred it. I will email you the photo and the confirmation it was shredded.

3.) If you paid your March dues online, you will be refunded electronically - that goes for April and May too if you paid ahead.

4.) If you paid via check, please allow me a few days to get the checks written, get stamps and get them mailed. I will email you in order to confirm that it is being mailed to the correct spot.

5.) If you think something is incorrect, please kindly email me at and we will figure it out together.

6.) If you are PAST due in your account, please pay when you can. We know everyone is in a unique financial situation but players will be unable to play club next year if they are not up to date in their dues by the end of August. 

We truly appreciate your patience as we sort all this out! We would much rather be coaching right now than sitting at home, but the safety of our girls and our community outweighs this all! We will be in touch as soon as we are cleared to operate again and have beach, grass, and indoor camps/clinics scheduled.

For updates on Coronavirus and how to prevent the acquisition and spread, please visit the USA Volleyball Website



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Founded in 2007, OPVBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to provide a program of excellence by uniting skilled coaches with committed athletes and supportive family members. 

We take pride in developing players' technical skills, game knowledge, and mental toughness, to make them better volleyball players and better people.

The club is part of the Puget Sound Region, and operates out of the Silverdale and Bremerton, Washington areas. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Michelle Miller, Club Director,

Michelle Miller

Club Director